Here's what you can do right now (in order of importance)

😬 Brace yourself for Nov. 8

In California, it's the law that you can get paid time off to vote. Hopefully you registered to vote, because it's past the deadline. We made a shiny printable version of this site that you can take into the polls with you to remember your opinions.

✍️ Educate your friends

A simple click and your friends could be a lot more informed. Please give them the tools to know more.

Tip: if you want to maximize reach, share it publicly so others can share it:

🌎 Candidates? City props? Non-Californian?

There's a lot more to vote on, we know. If you can't vote in CA or you want to know more about city/county candidates and issues, take a look at these other resources to make you smart fast.

Brigade is the only social network for voters.
Answer a few questions to find out which candidates support the same things you do.
Learn about every candidate's background.

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