requires that before voting, bills be put on the internet for 3 days
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The legislature will have to freeze a bill 72 hours before voting and put it on the internet. They will also now have to record all proceedings and make them public within 24 hours.
We previously wrote this was straight-forward. It appears that's not the case. This measure would require that bills be put in print (like, paper) and online 72 hours before the state Legislature can vote on it. It also requires that all public proceedings be recorded and put online within 24 hours. Crazy, right? Not so fast.
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The measure would amend the state constitution. Its stated intention is to prevent bills from being changed last-minute (by special interest groups or legislators) and then ratified. Those who oppose this proposition say it'll do the opposite of its intention, that bills and legislators will become more likely to be influenced by special interest groups by giving them 72 hours to intervene.[7] Proponents say this is common-sense transparency; opponents see a monkey wrench thrown into the flow of legislation. The Legislature generally debates bills for days or months, in which it is open to the public, and many proceedings are already available online by demand. Any change, including a typo or missing comma, would require another 72 hours.

P.S. In the case the Governor declares a state of emergency, this 72 hour delay can be waived by a two-thirds vote.[3]
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Information last updated: Sept 25, 2016

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